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Thanks for sharing your habits.

I too was persuaded by The Checklist Manifesto. I made an evening checklist which had a major focus on setting up my environment for leaving for work on the next day. In the last few months I have used it rarely because I work exclusively from home now and I systemized most of the things that I still want to do every day.

What kinds of items do you have on your laundry checklist?

I used to print my evening my evening checklist as a table on physical paper and check items off with a pencil. How do you handle your checklists practically?

Spaced repetition is almost designed to be difficult. The method works best when you are presented with questions that are at the limit of of your abilities. If you see a lot of cards that are easy to answer you are probably wasting a lot of time. Therefore, when it works well you are seeing a lot of cards that are hard for you to answer. I think that feels bad for a lot of people because only being presented with the hard cards makes it seem like they aren't good or improving at the thing.

Maybe you can use TagTime to track your productivity and avoid some of the problems you've encountered with other tools.

I hope it isn't too late to make another feature suggestion:

What about enabling users to suggest edits to other users' posts and comments? It is my favorite feature on Quora, and I wish the same thing was possible everywhere on the internet.

It is awesome for all those times when people make minor spelling or formatting errors and I don't want to make a big deal about it by writing a comment. Whether or not the suggestion should be accepted or rejected is of course always the original author's decision.

I have taken the survey.

I think I spent about 1 hour and 20 minutes answering almost all of the questions. I'm probably just unusually slow. :P

In my version of the book the preface is 23 pages. I wouldn't buy a new book just for that.

I'm just starting to read the 20th-anniversary edition (from 1999 I think) and he states in the preface that even the typos haven't been corrected.

I think that's archival feature might fit your needs, if you're willing to pay $25 anually. (More details in their FAQ)