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How do you learn to take more beautiful pictures with a camera?

I have picked up a few general tips from YouTube videos:

  1. Significant objects are put on the intersection of the grid (3x3 or other)
  2. You want the horizon to not look like it's the Inception movie, i.e it has to be horizontal.
  3. It's better to make them darker than brighter. You can brighten the darker pictures, but the opposite is a worse operation.

Also, what I found from experience is that it pays off to find something to immobilize your phone/camera. That way, the details are not smudged. 

All of that is probably obvious or might be incorrect on professional inspection. A grain of salt is required here :)

The Best Software For Every Need

Doom Emacs is also about Vim's powerful tools like norm and :%s. It's basically taking the best from the both world (granted, that's subjective). Love it!

How does your data backup solution setup work?

Is is passwordy-looking enough that somebody might want to search it through published leaks?

In either case, you should check it on, though I suspect you do that already.

Living with a homeopath - how?

Oh, I loved that example when I read it in his book!

But there is a workaround: start by pointing out that sometimes one does feel ill and this feeling goes naturally away -- the body is a healing machine!

Funnily enough, she does use this kind of argument herself when advocating against the Covid vaccines.

I think I tried using it once at some point and it went like this:

-- Our body is a healing machine

-- Yeah

-- So homeopathy might not actually do anything

-- Well, it helps those natural body processes

-- How do you know?

-- It makes you heal faster

-- But why am I not healing faster?

-- Cuz homeopathy is gentler (and therefore slower) than conventional drugs

-- So it doesn't do anything

-- ... the cycle repeats

Living with a homeopath - how?

Hm, valid point I suppose. I just have to be careful to not end up with a bigger issue than I've started with.

Living with a homeopath - how?

I believe it will give her more leverage over me the next time. It's like blackmailing people into doing worse things than the blackmail, and then using those to blackmail further.

Also, you can't just consult doctors in a few days here. You have to make an appointment and wait for a good deal of time (up to two months usually), so it's only worth doing if you've got a serious issue.

Living with a homeopath - how?

Hm, there's the classic injection in your butt (widely used in medicine), there are local injections near knees / neck / elbows / spinal cord (sometimes you need the stuff close to the problem). Afaik homeopathy is not administered to veins. That's about all I can think of / witnessed myself.

Living with a homeopath - how?

My strategy of having peace is described in my question. As to how to make peace, there have been a few ways suggested, e.g. setting boundaries. I can't see any others really. Do what you both agree on together, do the rest separately in your own way.

Living with a homeopath - how?

This is a good strategy, and I agree I need to upgrade my communication skills. Thank you so much!

Have it in your head, and imagine your mother saying whatever would maximally trigger you and how you might respond with emotion communication and boundary setting. ("I feel disrespected" -> "it's not my fault you won't see the light of homeopathy" -> "now I'm feeling like you don't care that you're making me feel this way")

Good call. I lose my cool very rarely, usually I'm just not responding to the triggers like "you're a coward" which makes me look better in the overall pictures (like I'm not the mean one). Upping my game a little will be for the best.

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