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Small Habits Shape Identity: How I became someone who exercises

Great work on the side project you started! I lack the words to even describe it. You don't seem at all like the type of person who lies around reading Reddit all the time, and I should know.


Notes on Endurance

if your difficulty enduring typically shows itself in the face of _________ circumstances, maybe it’s really _________ not endurance that you’re lacking

Iterating this for every conceivable adjective {f(adjective) = virtue} seems like a good way to figure out exactly what endurance is versus some other virtue.  If a given adjective doesn't spit out another virtue, maybe endurance wins by default.

Related, maybe endurance is an absolute value relative to the other virtues you do have.  We don't expect children to endure during a ten-mile hike if they've never hiked more than two miles, maybe because we model them as not having many virtues required for such a hike.  Maybe endurance could be modeled as

endurance = {units of effort required to complete a given task} - {"free" units of effort provided to you by other relevant virtues you already possess, such as patience (this is a long hike but will be worth it) and, idk, filial piety (my parents really want to finish this hike)} 

Nash Score for Voting Techniques

This voting method is, of course, patently absurd. Any one person can throw the whole election by putting "no confidence" above everything else. This could only be appropriate for very small group elections, and even then, it's questionable.

This is because a real democracy doesn't actually seek the voluntary participation of every single member...

This is great explaining throughout, but especially the block quote.  You communicated to me (as in, I had a click/eureka moment) the idea you were trying to teach using very close to the least number of words required.

Small Habits Shape Identity: How I became someone who exercises

You write a lot of good content, so I think it's likely that you are making a good point here.  However, I don't understand it at all and am finding this comment like trying to climb a smooth wall--I can't even get started.  Then again, I am relatively new to this community.  If you have time, I'd be thankful (get it?? I ate so much I don't want to move) if you could rewrite it with your definitions and assumptions made explicit. 

Success Buys Freedom

I appreciate your series and the first examples in this article.

The "Personal Experience" section doesn't seem like evidence for "success buys freedom."  Your examples seem like weak evidence in favor of alkjash's theory.  

You say, "If it weren't for my previous successes," having discussed failing to get into top universities, failing to be accepted by the Air Force, failing to try to get a date, failing [maybe the wrong verb?] to be able to afford a programming degree, failing to not live surrounded by drug dealers on a plywood slab, and failing several times to get hired at a reasonable rate.  (If a nearby you got into the Air Force, it would be very hard for zir to also run a startup from a cupboard in China.)  The only thing your description indicates you [conventionally] succeeded at before your startup was teaching yourself to code (which is a success, for sure).

Maybe it's a matter of framing?

Maybe as another article in the series, write the story of a nearby counterfactual you who went to the Air Force Academy and did five years as a lieutenant, then captain, in IT security (so server programming, similar to the low-paying job you had), then got out.  Of the skills and psychological traits that you have needed to be successful in the exact same startup, which ones would have been harmed by the Air Force?  Which ones would have been augmented?  (My prediction is that lbh jbhyq unir rdhvinyrag be uvture fxvyyf nsgre gur Nve Sbepr ohg gung fbzr bs lbhe "znirevpx" crefbanyvgl genvgf jbhyq unir orra erqhprq, ohg abg rabhtu gb xrrc lbh sebz fhpprrqvat va gur fgneghc svryq.)  

Pain is the unit of Effort

"We don't know how many counterfactual lsusr clones died or were permanently disabled after pushing too hard."

This is not only a clever and concise way of putting this thought, but putting it concisely and cleverly really helped to crystallize it in my brain, whereas before, it was amorphous.

AGI Predictions

I really appreciate the effort that went into collecting all of these questions, framing them clearly, and coding the clickable predictions.

Final Babble Challenge (for now): 100 ways to light a candle

XD even though I haven't owned a car that actually came with a cigarette lighter in about 12 years

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