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Slight error. The Parable of Talents was a blog post published by Scott 'Alexander' on Slate Star Codex, not 'Anderson'.

This reminds of Kakos Industries : a Black Comedy satire podcast detailing the activities of a company that is dedicated to Do Evil Better.

I think this is similar to Post #25 of Nate Soares' 'Replacing Guilt' Series : Choose Without Suffering. "Humans tend to get grumpy when confronted with a bad option and a worse one." His advice, which I broadly agree with, is to weigh our options in relation to one another and not against any absolute sense. A useful tool he offers to tackle decisions like this is to use a hypothetical "What If?" The choice is easier to make when we imagine a world in which all our choices will lead to bad outcomes. "When given a choice between bad and worse, you need to be able to choose 'bad' without qualm."