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You also need to put a space between the asterisk and the start of your sentence. Ex.:

* These

* Will

* Be

* Bullet

* Points

  • These

  • Will

  • Be

  • Bullet

  • Points


Good point. I think ideally your sample size would be larger, I'm not sure the US is representative of democratic countries.

Re: formatting. Try putting a blank line between bullets.


Foreign inteference would either have no effect, or provoke harsh countermeasures.

Seems plausible. Might be a good idea for LWers who were Russia/China natives though.


Or to be less willing to compete with the US specifically?

This is what I had in mind. I'd guess that the fact that the US is democratic and China is not ends up indirectly causing a lot of US/China friction. Same is probably true for Russia.


In discussions about AI risks, the possibility of a dangerous arms race between the US and China sometimes comes up. It seems like this kind of arms race could happen with other dangerous techs like nano and bio. Pushing for more democratic governments in states like Russia and China might also decrease the chances of nuclear war, etc.

This article from the Christian Science Monitor suggests that if the Chinese government decided to stop helping North Korea, that might cause the country to "implode", which feels like a good thing from an x-risk reduction standpoint.

How could we push for regime change? Since the cost of living in China is lower than the US, funding dissidents who are already working towards democracy seems like a solid option. Cyberattacks seem like another... how hard would it be to neuter the Great Firewall of China?