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Polyphasic sleep suggestions are quite popular on the internet, but they also do seem quite irrational. The negative risk of trying it is very high, you could seriously damage your health by doing it (risk of the fatal car accident could possibly increase) sleep deprivation, while reward is low to medium at best and depends if you can take advantage of more time available to you. And i'm just scratching the surface here.

Also consider:

  • High entry barriers - minimum 2 weeks just to change your habits

  • Requires very disciplined approach

  • Very little science supporting it, mainly anectodal evidence

Maybe a good analogy would be to suggest someone who has financial problems to try a radical approach of robbing a bank.

It's quite obvious that PUA works in some ways because of trying the methods in the "field". My first gripe with the article that it's just the same generalized armchair advice.

But even worse is "let's give advice to other group" perspective. Shouldn't feminists be trying to change the women views and behaviour on dating? I don't quite understand why aren't they focusing on their own group in this problem. This seems to remind me of color politics.

A suggestion for deeper links.

Maybe lesswrong could use Emphasis, for linking to sentences/paragraphs instead of whole articles.

I'm using rescuetime as an eye of sauron.

Because it logs everything i do on the computer, at the end of the day i can always check my progress and how much and where my time goes.

I have set goals: 6h of work, 1h of learning a day. And all the activities basically go into 3 large groups: work, fun, learn. It works very very well. At the end of the week it feels nice to check out how much work you have or haven't done.

Here is how one of the better days looks like:

Exercise, especially tabata seems to mitigate some of these problems. I get sick quite often, but i recover very fast and my bones seem to be stronger. Of course it's just my subjective observation.

The magic combination of things that work for me:

  • Regular exercise, i like running at least 5 days a week, tabata/endurance depending on the mood/energy levels.

  • Piracetam

  • Very strong coffee in the morning

  • Clear goals of what i want to accomplish

  • No sleep debt, and sufficient sleep everyday.

Last one is the hardest, but the weeks that manage to get enough sleep, i get things done like an animal.

I failed to find such paper in google, and i would really like to read it. Maybe some more helpfull hints about it? Or possibly a link?

I would also like to know more about biases you mentioned, can PM me this too? Or just post it here for everyone to read, because it's a very big teaser on a topic which you seem to have a lot of interesting insights.


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