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Building up to an Internal Family Systems model

I've been attempting to use IFS for years without having read much more than brief summaries of it. This post put me on a much firmer footing with it and I was able to much more clearly categorize a bunch of things that have been happening over the past six months or so. Then over the weekend I had a low-level background internal screaming going on, and while my first couple rounds of attempts at resolving it only helped a little, I was finally able to isolate the issue and fix what turned out to be a massive misalignment. I have not felt this aligned in years.

So thank you very, very much for writing this.

For the specific case of weighing yourself, could you create a scale that only gives the positive reward, not the negative one? Like, it only tells you your weight if it's lower than yesterday, or better yet if the trend in your weight is downward over the past week? Maybe it displays a cheerful message and plays a soothing sound when you weigh yourself, and it emails you later at random if you've been losing weight.

Positivity Thread :)

My fiance likes it, supposedly it's been very true to the original manga. It might just be better than the original dub.

The Brain Preservation Foundation's Small Mammalian Brain Prize won

At this point, I won't be confident that i've been successfully preserved until ultra high resolution electron micrographs of my brain are in Amazon's S3 storage, replicated across multiple regions. Any storage that doesn't have redundancy doesn't count as safe.

Open thread, September 15-21, 2014

Is Austin on the list? I work at a not-evil tech startup called SchoolAdmin that does school admissions software for a mix of public/private/charter schools. We're not hiring devs right now, but that might possibly change since we have a product manager coming in October. The company is REALLY not evil; we've had three different people come down with mental or physical health issues, and the president's mantra has been 'your job is to get better' in every case.

I could possibly also offer a place to crash, I've got a futon, a study it could be moved to, and already have cats.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, part 26, chapter 97

Body armor only protects against weak curses like Somnium that are standard first year hexes. Stupefy, which is castable by first years, is not blocked by armor.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, part 26, chapter 97

He got Lucius to agree to proposed next steps which we don't know about and secured an alliance with House Malfoy.

Also, when he added the bit about exonerating House Malfoy, he showed Lucious one wording, then wrote down his original wording. He might have changed something important, and Lucius might not have noticed.

[LINK] Soylent crowdfunding

Any chance you can refactor your recipe to replace bananas with something that keeps better? Otherwise, I was pretty pleased with it.

Soylent Orange - Whole food open source soylent

I just made my first batch of this and it was pretty decent. Not amazing, but definitely palatable. I had one big cup in place of dinner; I expected to want more but it was surprisingly filling. I started with the base recipe and added a scoop of vanilla whey protein, plus about a quarter cup of frozen chopped spinach.

I was expecting to have more issues with storing or measuring out the frozen OJ concentrate, but I just opened it, scooped some out with a spoon, put the lid back on, and stood it up in my freezer.

Boring Advice Repository

I finally started brushing regularly when I finally tried an electric toothbrush and began brushing immediately after I showered at night.

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