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Is Michael Crichton cryopreserved?

Sure the AI-Box experiment is cool and all, but it strikes me as odd that people spend so much brainpower on it. Unless, that is, you actually believe that "just keep it in a box" is an acceptable strategy---which disqualifies you from playing a part in any serious discussion of AI safety.

No one seems to have bitten on EY's assertion that it's the least impossible impossible thing he has done; that seems like a much more interesting avenue to want to push on.


You are hereby forbidden from talking about the Dow ever again. The S&P 500 weights 500 constituents by their market cap; the Dow weights 30 random-ish constituents by their PRICE. IBM's weight in the Dow is 4.5 times that of GE because it had a couple fewer stock splits over the years or issued fewer shares; in the S&P its weight is, correctly, about 60% of GE's, because it's a smaller company. The Dow is what crazy people talk about on CNBC.

Also, Intrade should list the conditional futures---S&P price with bailout, S&P without bailout.