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Not a textbook (more for a general audience) but The Alignment Problem by Brian Christian is a pretty good introduction that I reckon most people interested in this would get behind.

Do you have the transcript from this?

I like it - interesting how much is to do with the specific vulnerabilities of humans, and how humans exploiting other humans' vulnerabilities was what enabled and exacerbated the situation.

Whilst we're sharing stories...I'll shamelessly promote one of my (very) short stories on human manipulation by AI. In this case the AI is being deliberative at least in achieving its instrumental goals. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Z1laGUEci9rf_aaDjQKS_IIOAn6D0VtAOZMSqZQlqVM/edit

Is it a coincidence that your handle is blaked? (It's a little similar to Blake) Just curious.

Ha! I meant the former, but I like your second interpretation too!

I like, 'do the impossible - listen'.

Recruitment - in my experience often a weeks long process from start to finish, well oiled and systematic and using all the tips from the handbook on organizational behaviour on selection, often with feedback given too. By comparison, some tech companies can take several months to hire, with lots of ad hoc decision-making, no processes around biases or conflicts of interest, and no feedback.

Happy to give more examples if you want by DM.

I should say my sample size is tiny here - I know one gov dept in depth, one tech company in depth and a handful of other tech companies and gov depts not fully from the inside but just from talking with friends that work there, etc.

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