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Why did everything take so long?

Your point c definitely rings true to me. An answer often seems simple in hindsight, but that an answer is simple doesn’t mean it’s simple to find. There are often many simple answers and the vast majority of them useless.

Security Mindset and the Logistic Success Curve

Mr. Topaz is right (even if for the wrong reasons). If he is optimizing for money, being the first to market may indeed get him a higher probability of becoming rich. Wanting to be rich is not wrong. Sure, the service will be insecure, but if he sells before any significant issues pop up he may sell for billions. “Après moi, le déluge.”

Unfortunately, the actions of Mr. Topaz are also the very optimization process that leads to misaligned AGI, already happening at this very moment. And indeed, trying to fix Mr. Topaz is ordinary paranoia. Security mindset would be closer to getting rid of The Market that so perversely incentivized him; I don’t like the idea, but if it’s between that and a paperclip maximizer, I know what I would choose.