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Applied to populations with recent hunter-gatherer ancestry...

This is incredibly dumb. Like, succinctly sums up why I don't take Curtis here seriously. First, agriculture popped up in many places almost simultaneously, so the only large area that has been mostly hunter gatherer until recently is Australia, and the population there came from boat builders. (Interestingly the population of Madagascar was settled by boat, from Polynesia, not from Africa.) Second, remaining hunter gatherer populations are small, and were incredibly ravaged by disease in the very recent past.

The biggest issue though is an average hunter gatherer has to have a huge diversity of skills compared to an average modern. They have to know a lot more about more kinds of plants. Making fire and tools. They aren't and weren't dumb compared to moderns.

They were also much more egalitarian, even than modern democracies. Hunter Gatherers often have a "Reverse Dominance Hierarchy" where there is a leader, but they are very much not allowed to make the other society members do what the leader wants, and if the leader tries they get mocked and ignored.

it's not a coincidence that all functional non-government organizations are organized as monarchies, with an owner or CEO[14]

Monarchy is a really weird way to categorize this, especially given footnote 14. Even more so once you account for most companies having voting by the shareholders at large. Like, the "citizens" of the company are the shareholders; the workers are just cogs or components of the metamachine the shareholders own together. A CEO is a lot more like the leader of a band of hunter gatherers (and the POTUS is similar to both) than they are like a king.

1GB for DNA is a lower bound. That's how much it takes to store the abstract base pair representation. There's lots of other information you'd need to actually build a human and a lot of it is common to all life. Like, DNA spends most of its time not in the neat little X shapes that happen during reproduction, but in coiled up little tangles. A lot of the information is stored in the 3D shape and in the other regulatory machinery attached to the chromosomes.

If all you had was a human genome, the best you could do would be to do a lot of simulation to reconstruct all the other stuff. Probably doable, but would require a lot of "relearning."

The brain also uses DNA for storing information on the form of methylation patterns in individual neurons.

It is in her brainstem. Which while that makes it very difficult to treat, it probably increases her chances of being revived intact.

Is it possible that you have an auditory processing disorder? My fiancee has it and this sounds pretty much like her experience with phones.

There is a conversation going on about her on the CI Facebook page that seems to indicate that she has been in contact with them. According to info there, her name is Kim Suozzi. Also they will set up a fund at CI for her, once she becomes a member and they vet her story. So If you are considering donating, but worried its a scam, it might be best to hold off until then.