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People guess the meanings of words and notations from context all the time. Especially when they aren't specialists in the field in question. Lots of interested amateurs exist and read things without the benefit of years of training before hand.

Some things just lend themselves more easily to guessing the accepted-meaning than others. It is often a good idea to make things easier to guess the accepted-meaning, rather than to fail to do so, if at all possible. Make it hard to fail.

I've learned a lot about interacting with adults by reading parenting books :D

I'll add one: don't ask if you won't accept a no 
If you're requiring your child to do a task, and it's not actually acceptable to you for them not to do the task - then don't phrase it as a question eg "would you like to clean your room now?"
If they say no and then you make them do it anyway - you're teaching them that their preferences aren't respected.
I think we do the question thing to try to make the request feel more "polite", but it actually backfires in the long-term.
If no isn't really an option, phrase it differently "It's time to clean up your room now"
Or you can find a question that is acceptable "It's time to clean up your room. Do you want to do it now, or after you finish your <activity>?"

My working assumption is that the Flynn effect is mostly to do with improving the average eg by improved nutrition and wellness due to higher availability of food and health care. We're seeing improvements in the average because we're lifting up the bottom quartile, not the top.

Any updates on how well you think this worked, especially as compared with other vaccines now available?
Edit: never mind, I see the followup post now :D

So... did this eventuate? What were your learnings? Is it still going?

"finishing school" for rationalists... :)

Googling briefly...

You get yourself private health insurance here. Unlike the USA where employers tend to pay for it... it is normal and expected that ordinary private individuals on normal salaries pay for their own private health insurance.

it is NOWHERE NEAR as expensive as in the USA. I'm currently 41 and pregnant, with some (small) existing issues and I pay around $140 a month for "hospital and extras" cover - which I've used.

For somebody young and willing to have just the bare essentials, it would be much less than that...

don't forget that our government healthcare is exceptional and cheaper that the US even when you have to pay full price. We don't have the horrific "pay $100 for a tablet of acetomenophin" style BS you regularly find in the US

We have similar compulsory Insurance here in Aus too... it's called "third party insurance" (or your Green slip) You pay it as the same time as you pay your registration. It costs nowhere near that amount, even for new drivers. I currently pay around $600 a year but I'm female and 40 years old. I have not been driving for that many years though.

A quick online google shows me that if I were Male and 23 years old.. the same insurance would cost $890 - even for a driver with 1 year of driving experience.

I spent $5800 on utilities last year... it happens when you live in an area that simultaneously gets below freezing point (and thus you need to spend on heating) and also gets above comfortable living point (and thus you need to spend on fans or air-con). I'm pretty reasonably frugal on both... I don't set the aircon super low, I don't set the heating on high... but utilities are pricey. I also count "internet" as a utility. When I lived in a warmer climate I spent $2800

"Misc house expenses" include things like fixing a broken toilet... or other general repairs. If you're renting you may not have to pay that. Or maybe you do if your landlord is dodgy.

I spent around $8K on "transport" - which includes car payments (I bought a new but small hatchback 3 years ago = $22k), fuel, insurance, repairs, servicing and parking costs. I can well imagine that a family with more than one person (and thus more than one car) easily pays twice as much as me.

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