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Looks great, can you publish it for firefox too? (If the code is open-source I can try and help with this myself.)

I would choose it for very different use cases to slides; I've never diagrammed anything in a slides editor. I have historically drawn things in excalidraw, screenshotted them, then pasted them into a slides editor though.

I also prefer ripgrep, because it's a lot closer to a drop-in replacement for grep, and sometimes I'm on a server where only grep is installed. I don't want to have to remember how to use 2 different programs for the same thing.

ag does have some functionality for file-matching that ripgrep (and grep) is missing, but once I discovered fd (a drop-in-ish replacement for find) and xargs I never looked back.

Typical command: fd match_some_paths | xargs rg match_lines_in_some_files (-l if i just want the matching filenames)

Haven't used Amethyst, but I do use sway on my personal machine, it's my favourite window manager! I prefer sway to my mac solution on my work computer, but that's mainly because macs are missing the $mod key, other than that I notice no real difference.

I prefer got to axios (and request, fetch): I find the api cleaner (although that's a matter of taste) and it's built with typescript in mind.


Need: quick diagramming

Other programs I've tried:, miro

Miro is great for involved, collaborative diagramming with a team when you want to build out a design or idea in great detail, but sometimes you just want to quickly sketch something that looks good and share it with a co-worker.

My go-to software for this is excalidraw. It's limited to shapes, lines, and text (no fancy UML), but if that's all you need to get your idea across it's extremely quick and easy to use.

Software: yabai + skhd

Need: window management for mac

Other programs I've tried: Spectacle, BetterSnapTool

If you're from a linux background and looking for an i3-like experience to manage your windows on macos, this (combination of) software is the best solution I've found. The other programs I've tried for this on mac are desktop apps, but yabai and skhd are configured in plaintext and are much more powerful and customizable.

Note: The yabai readme mentions a need to disable system integrity protection, but I have never done this and I can still resize/move windows just fine.

Thanks for sharing this. When I was studying theology, I most enjoyed learning about the first and second century communities that circulated the gospels, and that was because of points like the one you've raised (although I wasn't familiar with "praus"). It's a shame most of it never made it into church when I was a kid! The messaging of those early communities and the messaging of modern churches are very different.

Also, there's a difference between not standing up for yourself and not standing up for others. In my understanding only the former is considered a virtue.

I think that's correct, but also I think if you practise not standing up for yourself enough, it will spill over into not standing up for others. I'm not yet clear on how I'd want to make that argument though.

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