Teerth Aloke


Let's Go Back To Normal

I agree. Since I have been using mask, I have rarely caught cold.

The AI Timelines Scam

I tilt towards rapid timeline - but I promise, my brain is not turning into mush. I have no terminal disease

Can you improve IQ by practicing IQ tests?

While I would tilt towards the 'natural' option, this question is worthy of some research.

Can you improve IQ by practicing IQ tests?

Agreed. I am pretty sure practise can increase IQ scores, but people don't do it.

Best empirical evidence on better than SP500 investment returns?

Investing some money in Bitcoin would not be a bad idea. Bitcoin is both high-risk and high-potential. 

Estimating COVID cases & deaths in India over the coming months

Indian death counts are substantially dubious with regional and local authorities frequently giving contradictory figures. However, the general feeling is that the government figures heavily underrepresent the actual mortality. This is due to substantial increase of traffic at crematoriums and graveyards. 

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