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We Live in a Post-Scarcity Society

True, and income distribution is far less unequal. 

Explaining Capitalism Harder

Realistically, giving is insufficient for even a modest redistribution of wealth. Government intervention is and has been far more effective in this aspect.

To every people according to their language

It will be essentially a Secular Judaism, where the scriptures only speak of the common values to be achieved by human effort, and not about future miracles. It will be a vision that some secularized Rabbis may even agree to. 

SIA > SSA, part 1: Learning from the fact that you exist

My intuition was that the prior probability of head and tails hypotheses should be 50% each. Since existence is not evidence to update in favour of any of these theories, being 100% likely under both, we end up with the 1:1 odds ratio.

Anatomy of a full school climate strike

A coordination committee with a clear realistic understanding will be required otherwise radicals will accept no proposal. (Case in point: Indian farmer's ongoing protest)

Anatomy of a full school climate strike

But what will be the demand? Without a clear demand, the strike will fail.

[Prediction] What war between the USA and China would look like in 2050

Indians mostly hate China, and this feeling is almost universal in the dominant party.

Hello fellow Indian.

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