Teerth Aloke

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The accelerationist and the doomer souls living in one body apparently. 

How about coordinate legal actions to have chatbots banned, like ChatGPT was banned in Italy? Is it possible?

If successful this would weaken the incentive for devealopment of new AI models.

As per a survey, 7% Nigerian Christians like ISIS. That is another example of this phenomenon.

Some people in this community are thinking out of the box. I fully support this, all options must be on the table.

However, one cannot make universal statements. The efficacy of violent and nonviolent methods depend upon the exact context. If someone believes in an imminent hard takeoff, and gives high credence to Doom, violent activity may be rational.

In my understanding, this is only possible by rote memorization.

Yes, have you considered any reasonable strategy to provoke a nuclear war, as the worst-case plan to stop AI progress? 

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