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"I consider Kialo as at least a promising attempt." This problem hasn't been tackled afaik and it's nice to see someone working on it!


My calculator can add large numbers much, much faster than I. That doesn't make it "quantitatively smarter.

Your brain actually performs much more analysis each second that any computer we have:

At the time of this writing, the fastest supercomputer in the world is the Tianhe-2 in Guangzhou, China, and has a maximum processing speed of 54.902 petaFLOPS. A petaFLOP is a quadrillion (one thousand trillion) floating point calculations per second. That’s a huge amount of calculations, and yet, that doesn’t even come close to the processing speed of the human brain. In contrast, our miraculous brains operate on the next order higher. Although it is impossible to precisely calculate, it is postulated that the human brain operates at 1 exaFLOP, which is equivalent to a billion billion calculations per second.

Of course this is structurally very different from a CPU or a GPU etc, but the whole power of the brain is still way bigger.