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Adam Grant suggests: “I’m giving you these comments because I have very high expectations for you, and I’m confident you can reach them. I’m trying to coach you. I’m trying to help you.” Then you give them the feedback. Love it.

These are great, but unfortunately only work if the person is ready to accept your authority as a coach. If they don't - they work in an opposite direction.

California Fatburger manager trims hours, eliminates vacation days and raises menu prices in anticipation of $20/hour fast food minimum wage. That seems like a best case...

That's not how any of this works. You don't do that beforehand because there will be 20$/h. If you actually need this - you prepare plans conditional on wages becoming 20$/h. If you do this now, that's because of greed. And because of greed you'll also repeat it when the wages will rise. 

Writers and artists say it’s against the rules to use their copyrighted content to build a competing AI model

The main difference is they say it NOW, after the fact that this happened, and OpenAI said so beforehand. There's long history of bad things happening when trying to retroactively introduce laws and rules.

You need a way to not punish (too harshly or reliably) the shoplifting mom in need, without enabling roving gangs

And the easiest way to do so would be to make it so moms don't need to shoplift - provide things in centralized way free of charge or with minimal prices. But in the USA it will be immediately labeled "socialism" and "socialism is bad".

Agricultural land efficiency (via @HumanProgress):

"relative to 1961" label is doing a lot of storytelling here that isn't necessary present in the original raw data

Policies are organizational scar tissue. They are codified overreactions to situations that are unlikely to happen again

Oversimplification. Most situations where people point to stats like this they conveniently forget that these situation became unlikely to happen again BECAUSE of the policy. If you use an analogy - use it all the way. Scar tissue is important part of the healing. First instance created an open wound and you don't want to be left with open wound. 

technology is predictable if you know the science

The single part of otherwise amazing quote that simply verifiably not true. There are ton of examples when technological use of some scientific principle or discovery was complete surprise for scientists that created/discovered it.

If we don’t want China to have access to cutting edge chips, why are we allowing TSMC and Samsung to set up chip manufacturing in China?

Because "we" that don't want Chine to have these and "we" that actually have a say in what TSMC and Samsung is doing are two different "we"s.

journalists creating controversial images, writing about the images they themselves created, and blaming anyone but themselves for it.

TBH that's perfect summary of a lot of AI safety "research" as well. "Look, I've specifically asked it to shoot me in a foot, I've bypassed and disabled all the guardrails and AI shoot me! AI is a menace!"

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