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I prefer OB and don't read LW as much, but that's partly because there are other things competing for my time and you'd have to sift through a lot of mediocre stuff at LW to find the same sort of quality. I expressed my disagreement with Eliezer in his post on gardens, which I'd rather not reiterate...(read more)

"Pure capitalism is so cruel at times that it cycles rebellion" "<a href="">Deprivation theory is wrong, social construction is right. “Objective” conditions don’t predict the rise of movements, but problem co...(read more)

Yvain, people seem to have a hedonic set point. If you currently prefer life to non-life, I highly doubt you would not if you lived in Saudi Arabia or Burma.

Eliezer, what aspects of you do you think would have been different if you had consumed only non-fiction as a child?

I somewhat recently decided to only read non-fictional books. One of the reasons I gave for that in making that decision was the desire to seek the truth more fully and a distrust of...(read more)

Yvain, the most murderous dictator the world had ever seen and the biggest imperialist power of the day were on the side of the Allies and if our country had gone to war with his (and been as succesful) I am sure you would be talking about how lopsided the scales were in the other direction, having ...(read more)

I don't think the teacher being punched by a parent is a good analogy. Here are two possible other scenarios that differ from the original in a small way: 1. The teacher sees one student punch another student. 2. Two parents are fighting (this does happen). The teacher does not know who started it. ...(read more)

"The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who in time of crisis remain neutral." -- Dante Alighieri, famous hell expert Wrong.

The "good" part does all the work. 90% of everything is crap, and that's if you're an optimist.

<a href="">This</a> seemed terribly appropriate.

A reader at 2Blowhards: Depiction of trickster gods in West Africa seems a bit positive, at worst morally neutral. In Northern Europe, Loki was a clear-cut villain...(read more)

I had been thinking of Hanson's above-mentioned metacynicism recently when he discussed the signalling that he engaged in. I don't actually have as much trust for people that claim to be <a href="/lw/lz/guardians_of_the_truth/">Guardians of the Truth</a> as for those who admit to having other motive...(read more)