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The Question Of Perception

The article doesn't posit that the any one frame of perception must be considered absolute, at the cost of others. Only that perception can be subdivided into various spheres, with some being more primary than others. However a person chooses to use that information is up to them. For some, it may be an irrelevant distinction.

With regards to liking or disliking cake, that would be a subjective evaluation.But subjectivity is as much a part of how a person experiences reality as the presence of objects around him, so being able to distinguish between what one likes and dislikes is not trivial, but I wouldn't say that kind of theme has to do with the nature of perception that the article addresses, which is more about being able to run multiple levels of analysis of the reality in front of you. If someone likes cake, that's fine, but that doesn't stop some of the ingredients from being potentially dangerous to their health, for example. Can a person extend their perception to acknowledge that some of the ingredients on the box reasonably shouldn't be present in food, instead of being myopic about their desires?

The thrust of the article is to point out that discernment is important. Whilst that may imply a needed ontology shift, none is being presented at the moment.

The Question Of Perception

Does anyone know how to make the space between paragraphs bigger? No matter how many times I hit "spacebar" in the "edit" view , the distances remains the same when the article gets published.

The Question Of Perception

The link post is fine, but to say that the contracted article is a series of "quotes" is a mislabeling, I think. I would call in an excerpt, extract or something similar, so I added that on to the end instead. Is that okay?

The Question Of Perception

Thanks for the info. No worries