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Rationality Quotes April 2016

People used to try to act more sophisticated by demonstrating their greater knowledge. Today, people try for higher status by offering sophistry about why Knowledge Can’t Exist.

Steve Sailer

"3 Reasons It’s Irrational to Demand ‘Rationalism’ in Social Justice Activism"

Changing social conventions has a cost. When we extend social justice beyond respect for difference that people have no choice over, such as race or sex, to roles that they choose, such as religion or gender, the justification for allowing everyone to defy any particular social convention must be a rational cost-benefit assessment. Many people enjoy the ritual interactions specified by social roles; they are part of their identities and one of their terminal values.

Not to mention that many social conventions serve a purpose beyond people enjoying them.

"3 Reasons It’s Irrational to Demand ‘Rationalism’ in Social Justice Activism"

my very existence is irrational = "my father disapproves of my lifestyle"

In fact, one is inclined to suspect that he adopted his lifestyle largely to spite his father.

In Defence of Simple Ideas That Explain Everything But Are Wrong

There's always the classic:

The lady down the street is a witch, she did it.