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A few months ago I stumbled across MoR, and ever since then I knew I would eventually wind up here, investigating this site to learn how to investigate myself. I've only ever done anything of the sort on a very basic, topical level and so hesitated; repulsed by a squirrely, dodgey anxiety that I have been insofar unsuccesful discerning the source of, and persists even as I type this. Procrastination has always been a very serious issue i've struggled with, so it's no wonder this post immediately drew me in. Through my teen years it was more a lifestyle than anything else, due to my escapist habits (music, fanfiction, etc) and I fear that my failed attempts to change all through High School have become more of an obstacle to me than the orginal problem. Reading this and the comments below have given me fresh hope, however, because although I have failed time and time again, that was before I had such an incredible resource as this site, and all the brilliant minds and ideas that come with it.

Thank you :)

I will be back to read more later, i've got laundry to do and lists to make!