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20 Modern Heresies

To me only one or two things here count as "heresies" as described since for the most part these are all positions I've heard advocated by/very close to positions I've heard advocated in sincerity by various people online, and have watched people engage with seriously. 

But perhaps because "heresies" are not really a terribly useful description when I can see a communist advocating for the overthrow of the united states, a militant vegan talking about direct action, and an orthodox catholic describing how all the ills of the modern world are due to insufficent obedience to God within the span of about 5 minutes. The space of "unthinkable ideas" seems meaningfully much smaller than it ever has been. 

Of course Eliezer Yudkowsky could be argued to have engaged in heresy. The idea that artificial intelligence would be smarter than us in the next few decades and its default behaviour would be to kill us all seems like an unthinkable position from the perspective of the early 00's.

Winter Solstice 2018 Roundup

There's a solstice celebration happening in Cambridge (UK) on Sat Nov 15th, location is TBD due to venue difficulties

Facebook event: