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Answer by thefaun4-5

"Disease" is just a label we gave another species. Just like a "predator" is just a label. Humanity cannot commit suicide because somebody convinces us to label ourselves with a word. That's just being gullible.

Funnily enough, what you have invented is much closer to real meditation, than most of the guided stuff.

What you do can be actually split into three stages:

  1. Dharana. That's when you're thinking about the question, but your mind still wanders and you need to bring it back.

  2. Dhiana. That's when after stage 1 all of a sudden the chosen question becomes so interesting to you, that you no longer need to force yourself to think about it. Your mind wants to think about it now. Doesn't really happen after 5 minutes, but should definitely happen after 30-40.

  3. Samaddhi. Doesn't happen every time, but with practice should happen regularly. It's a strong feeling of insight, when you understand the answer to the question.

I hope that helps a little. If you have more questions drop me a message on telegram @thefaun