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I wonder if the same effect is had staring into someone's eyes over webcam.. The only person that I can really see trying this with is my wife and I have no problem looking into her eyes. I feel like we'd be skewed because we're so familiar with each other...

I thought it was comical that I clicked the O*NET link and spent a good 10min or so on that site just to come back to the next heading which was "Handling Impulsiveness"

Well played, author! Thanks for the sequence!

I was going to say this as well. Your last paragraph here is like every presidential speech that I've ever watched.

I think this is exciting. I'm going to start making my own words for groups of things. I'm a java/.net programmer so I'm used to object-oriented so it's natural for me to group things that may be used again!

I think this is in the context of somebody insisting that Socrates is human so he must be mortal.

If you are trying to prove mortality by claiming he's human, then all humans must be mortal for you to assume this.

I agree, though, that, perhaps the statement was a little vague.