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The bonds of family and community: Poverty and cruelty among Russian peasants in the late 19th century

Strongly upvoted! I found this to be very informative, if disturbing in places. Thank you for putting this together, and I look forward to any future posts looking at the questions you outlined. 

Covid 10/14: Less Long Cvoid

With regards to mandates, something that happened this week is that big federal contractors, including Boeing and Lockheed Martin, formally announced their plans to comply with the contractor mandate.

Covid 10/7: Steady as She Goes

Minor note: it looks like you misspelled Merck as "Merrick"in the second sentence and executive summary, and as "Merrik" later in the text. 


Hmm I think you're right that digital voice protocols aren't allowed on in 462-467 MHz FRS band. But there are a couple regions of the 900-1000 MHz portion of the spectrum that are allocated to commercial two-way radio, which allows digital and might be usable for this application if you were trying to actually manufacture and sell this kind of product. 

If one were trying to do this as a homebrew project, either the 902-928 MHz ISM band used by the XBEEs or the 420-450 MHz band used for ham radio could work (with a ham radio license). 


I don't think it's an impossible idea! XBEE radios in the form factor of a large watch can give you 200 kbps at 1000 ft in an indoor/urban environment, drawing 229 mA at 3.3 V. That seems to be about twice the data rate needed for clear voice communication. A 400 mAh li-ion battery is about 1x1.5 inch, so in the right ballpark. Add a 1/4 watt for a mini speaker and you'd get you about 25 minutes of talk time, and if you halved the data rate, you'd get 1500 ft of range. It would be pretty unwieldy and probably not quite the performance you'd hope for if you tried to hack it together from hobbyist parts, but a proper manufacturer just might be able to make it work. 

The only part I'm not too sure about is antenna design. The 970 MHz XBEEs are usually run with bulky duck antennas, which wouldn't work in a watch form factor. There are definitely designs out there for embedding antennas in wrist straps, but I don't know much about what kind of pattern you'd get. 

I wanted to interview Eliezer Yudkowsky but he's busy so I simulated him instead

Wow, I've read a decent amount of GPT-3 content, but this still surprised me with how good it was. I spent the whole time reading it half-expecting that there would be some kind of twist at the end about how you generated it. Very impressive!

What made the UK COVID-19 case count drop?

Unfortunately for this explanation, COVID cases in the UK appear to be rising once again. At this point I'm at a loss for potential explanations of what could have caused the rapid rise, fall, and rise again in cases. 

What made the UK COVID-19 case count drop?

It's possible that seasonality is a factor, but temperature doesn't seem like it would be it. July and August are very similar temperatures in London, and both are slightly hotter than June. 

What made the UK COVID-19 case count drop?

I actually don't think the high level of antibodies should be such a surprise. I updated my original comment to clarify, but much of that is from vaccination, not from natural infection. Between high rates of vaccination plus historical infections, it's not surprising to me that such a high fraction of adults in the UK have antibodies.

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