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Am I to understand that an AI capable enough to recreate my mind inside itself isn't intelligent enough to call a swarm of bats to release itself using high frequency emissions (a la Batman Begins)? There is no possible way that this thing needs me and only me to be released, while still possessing that sort of mind-boggling, er, mind-reproducing power.


Fascinating hypothesis for sure. I would be interested in seeing how this intersects with the Dunning–Kruger Effect.


"Then why did you have a kid? If you knew that you couldn't afford to prevent your child's death why did you have one at all?"

Who said I knew that? When I was pregnant, I had a job which seemed to be secure at the time. Then the recession happened.

Also, what do you have to say to the 88% of the world's population who make less per year than I do?


"If you don't sign up your kids for cryonics then you are a lousy parent. If you aren't choosing between textbooks and food, then you can afford to sign up your kids for cryonics."

This is flat-out classism. The fact is, the only reason I'm not choosing between textbooks or food is that the US government has deemed me poor enough to qualify for government grant money for my higher education. And even that doesn't leave me with enough money to afford a nice place to live AND a car with functioning turn signals AND quality day-care for my child while I'm at work AND health insurance for myself.

Shaming parents into considering cryonics is a low blow indeed. Instead of sneering at those of us who cannot be supermom/dad, why not spend your time preparing a persuasive case for the scientific community to push for a government-sponsored cryonics program? Otherwise the future will be full of those lucky enough to be born into privileged society: the Caucasian, white-collar, English-speaking segment of the population, and little else. What a bland vision for humanity.


Indeed. I have this particular problem, which manifests itself when I go shopping. I don't want to succumb to impulse buys, so I constantly question how much I really need any particular item. This results in me sometimes being unable to settle on anything less "justified" than bread and toothpaste.