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Tracey Davis and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Part 5

"Are you about to invite me to join a secret organization full of interesting people like yourself?"

Search-in-Territory vs Search-in-Map



A toy example: suppose we have a big pile of rocks, and we want to find the rock whose mass is closest to the mass of a reference weight (without going over).

A search-in-territory algorithm might use one of those old-school balance-scales to compare masses pairwise. We could pull each rock out of the pile one-by-one, and:

First, compare the rock to the reference weight. If it’s heavier, throw it away and move on to the next rock.

Second, compare it to the best rock found thus far, and replace the best rock with this one if it’s heavier.

At the end, we’ll have chosen the best rock.

Wrong, we have the closest rock iff the closest rock is lighter than the weight.

Tracey Davis and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Part 1

I'm not sure he would be paranoid enough. Anyway this seems to be a continuation of HPMoR.

Tracey Davis and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Part 1

She doesn't have to touch the wand. She is just that good.

Bayeswatch 5: Hivemind


But you probably wouldn't actually notice the readout.

Covid 5/13: Moving On

In vein of Anna's response.

When people are looking for people to vaccinate, are they actually looking for americans to vaccinate?

Bayeswatch 2: Puppy Muffins

That may be one of the worst industrial definition accidents yet. Tensely awaiting the philosophical safety board report.

Bayeswatch 1: Jewish Space Laser

As usual, fun!(What is the secret to generating these?)


Is that about this new EU regulation?

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