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Who Wants To Start An Important Startup?

What if facial recognition technology became food recognition technology? More simple than chipping all food items.

Who Wants To Start An Important Startup?

Community freezer reminds me of a concept I like. Grocery stores hold effectively no food in case of emergency. With each sale, a percentage fee would pay for similar foods to be stored for you at an extremely secure facility. What if amazon orders would double spend a couple items per order and hold them for you?

Who Wants To Start An Important Startup?

How about repopularizing chest freezers? Inherently much more energy efficient, and freezing can help save food waste.

Who Wants To Start An Important Startup?

Tacit Political Map

The condensation of informal community rules and customs in to a wiki. The urban dictionary of legal systems.

Enter a foreign community. What are the expectations? How would one surmise what they could offer? How to assimilate oneself?


Arrive at your personal paradise, mentally first. Look around, connect, coalesce.


Who Wants To Start An Important Startup?

Does the function perform as imagined, or does it lead to new issues?

Romeo brought up a great point, that it may have been a psychological barrier.

Who Wants To Start An Important Startup?

active browser history

I've noticed that more than a few people will have 20+ tabs open in their browser, for weeks at a time, while actively using only two or three tabs. These websites will occupy significant portions of the flash memory, using several gigabytes.

I call it active history because this is a management tool for tabs that you're not yet ready to search through your history for.

The browser plug-in would allow ' x ' recent tabs (or a memory limit), and kill the page for any older tabs. The url would be saved, the tab would still be there, and when the user opens the tab again the page reloads.

The point is that only the URL must be saved, and the system memory could be used for better tasks.

bits not gigabytes