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Six Ways To Get Along With People Who Are Totally Wrong*

I agree, and I think this is probably the most effective method, and is generally what "polite" behavior is supposed to be. In etiquette it is considered poor manners to simply tell people, straight to their face, that they are mistaken unless they specifically asked for an honest opinion.

I suspect politeness is the most effective method to deal with 'people who are totally wrong' because it is very rare to actually convince someone else they are wrong. It is much easier for people to change their own minds, then have an outsider change it for them.

Experience of typical mind fallacy.

I'm not so sure. Do we even model ourselves correctly, most of the time? I think it's a faulty assumption to conclude we models themselves correctly. I suspect that there are frequent times we do not understand our own thoughts, or can not trace the origins of thoughts, at least not easily. At least, this is the case with myself. If this is the case, then if our own mental model of ourselves is incomplete or imperfect, our models of others should be at least as bad.

Experience of typical mind fallacy.

I guess I would draw a different conclusion than "I just think differently to most others". An equally valid hypothesis would be that you have a limited internal model of how other people think, and so can not intuitively grasp why they do what they do, or what they think about. This might even be a facet of a typical mind, considering how often communication (or the lack thereof) leads to relationship woes.

How to sign up for Alcor cryo

I'm not sure I understand. What do you mean when you say this:

So the key information content of one particular human mind is not localized to a particular brain

Are you saying that that the universe is part all minds, not just one particular persons? Can you explain what you mean more clearly?

How to sign up for Alcor cryo

Are there any sort of in-depth analysis of the cost/benefit of cryonics? I'm not convinced its the best use of ones money, considering that the money spent could be given to charities to improve the world now, versus the very tiny chance you are preserving your life. The immediate benefit of helping others now seems to considerably outweigh the selfish act of self-preservation, considering that if you can afford cryonics currently, you already have excess money that could be used now for charity.

However, I am relatively new to the topic, so I am certain there are a whole host of issues I am ignorant of and I don't mean to set up a false dichotomy, which is why I ask my original question.

LessWrong Experience of Flavours

Will the existence of supertasters skew the results? I've ordered a supertaster test chemical strip before, and found I was a supertaster, but my brother was not.

I find I am not tolerant of extreme flavours in either direction. Super-sweet, or super sour, bitter flavors can make me gag. I can't drink coffee or most teas. I also don't enjoy chocolate. I eat mostly 'vanilla' or bland foods, but find they taste quite good.