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I am no one


Or everyone?


What is the likelihood that you would experience death, only for an advanced AI to potentially resurrect you at some point thereafter?


The possibility of re-incarnations, or even the possibility of co-incarnations, would shift the odds, and the whole perspective on your question. Wouldn't it?


AFAIK, Eliezer Yukowsky is one of Everett's Multiple Worlds interpretation of QM, proponents. As such, he should combine the small, non-zero probability that everything is going to go well with AGI, and this MWI thing. So, there will be some branches where all is going to be well, even if the majority of them will be sterilized. Who cares for those! Thanks to Everett, all will look just fine for the survivors.

I see this as a contradiction in his belief system, not necessarily that he is wrong about AGI. 


CO2 is rather quick in abandoning the atmosphere via dissolving in water. If that wasn't so, the lakes in the mountains would be without life, but they aren't. It's CO2 that enables photosynthesis there, nothing else. The same CO2, which was not so long ago still in the air.

Dissolving CO2 in water is also a big thing in (Ant)Arctic oceans. A lot of life there is a witness of that. 

Every cold raindrop has some CO2 captured.

So that story of "CO2 persisting in the atmosphere for centuries" is just wrong.


Upvoted for a fresh, non-forced by an ultra-utilitaristic POV. With this approach, p(Giga-doom) is also much lower, I guess.


If and only if a month has exactly two characters in its Roman numeral, then it has less than 31 days. No exception. 

Save your knuckles!


Sure, but "alpine villages" or something alike, were called "astronomical waste" in the MIRI's language from the old days. When the "fun space", as they called it, was nearly infinite. Now they say, its volume is almost certainly zero.


I know, that "Right now no one knows how to maximize either paper clips ...". I know. But paper clips have been the official currency of these debates for almost 20 years now. Suddenly they aren't, just because "right now no one knows how to"?

And then, you are telling me what is to be done first and how? 

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