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Zoe Curzi's Experience with Leverage Research

In retrospect, I apologize for the strident tone and questions in my original comment. I am personally worried about further harm, in uses of money or power by Anders, and from Zoe's post it seems like there were a handful to many more people hurt. If money or tokens are possibly causally downstream of harm, restitution might reduce further harm and address harm that's already taken place. The community is doing ongoing information gathering, though, and my personal rush to judgement isn't keeping in pace with that. I'll leave my above comment as is, since it's already received a constructive reply.

Zoe Curzi's Experience with Leverage Research
  • For Geoff or Reserve: What is the relationship between Leverage and Reserve, and related individuals and entities?
  • For everyone: Under what conditions does restitution to ex-Leveragers make sense? Under what conditions does it make sense for leadership to divest themselves of resources?
  • For everyone: In arguendo, what could restitution or divestment concretely look like?

Edit: I was going to leave the original comment, to provide context to Vaniver’s reply. But it started receiving upvotes that brought it above “-1", making it a more prominent bad example of community norms. I think the upvotes indicate importance in the essence of the questions, but their form were ill-considered and rushed to judgement. In compromise, I've tried to rewrite them more neutrally and respectfully to all involved. I may revisit them a few more times.