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True Sources of Disagreement

"""it is quite likely that the universe may not be able to support vast orders of magnitude of intelligence"""


Artificial Mysterious Intelligence

A question about Andrew Ng, who was mentined in this thread. Is that his real name?

Observing Optimization

So, like, every bacterium is its own species?

The Nature of Logic

There was a blank header? I didn't notice.

Worse Than Random

"""What about from aligning the dots along the lines of the image?"""

Wouldn't you need to find them first?

Today's Inspirational Tale

So who was the congressman?

Ethical Inhibitions

Grant: group selection does happen, but only very slowly. Natural selection works when its units are destroyed, and tribes go extinct pretty rarely compared to individuals.

Merely being poor does not make a selection unit unfit, as far as evolution is concerned. It has to disappear.

Awww, a Zebra

Well, a picture of a zebra is real.

And you'll probably agree that the merely real is, in some ways, in need of improvement, which is the whole point of transhumanism.

Is Morality Preference?

"""Obert: "A duty is something you must do whether you want to or not." """

Obey gravity. It's your duty!


What Would You Do Without Morality?

I know that random behavior requires choices. The machine IS choosing - but because all choices are equal, the result of "max(actionList)" is implementation-dependent. "Shut down OS" is in that list, too, but "make no choice whatsoever" simply doesn't belong there.

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