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Your logic here makes no rational sense. Your saying things which can be proved to be false.

Firstly I accept your premise that some things have zero probability. The wave-function doesn't mean literally anything can happen


I strongly disagree with you when you start saying that simultane...(read more)

I actually read that paper and he actually says that we should reject BB dominated univereses on the basis that they don't allow physicists to make predicitions, man that guy is an idiot

Yea Carroll has rather the obsession with Boltzmanns brains. Both sides have vaild arguments if we were living in a boltzmann brain dominated universe random observations would be more likely but no amount of measuring would prove that you weren't a boltzmann brain.

Of course Carroll repeatedly tr...(read more)

Lubos Motl already discussed this in this blog. if we were Boltzmann brains we wouldn't expect to see any consistency in physical laws, moments would happen at random. Of course there would be a a very low measure subset of boltmann brains that perceived there to be our physical laws, but its far m...(read more)

Of course its entirely possible to exist as a boltzmann brain and if we do in fact exist for eternity as MWI seems to imply then some of that time will be as a boltzmann brain.

The point is that Boltzmann brains have low measure, which is why we aren't one now.

An observer moment is not an average of all times at all but is instead (likely)a high measure future moment relative to the previous moment. Consciousness is experienced as a flow because our brain compares the current experience to the previous one making us percieve that one followed the other.

...(read more)

Dr Jacques Mallah PhD has arrogantly been asserting for the last few years that quantum immortality is obviously wrong. This is a rebuttal to his argument, his primary argument can be found on "Many-Worlds Interpretations Can Not Imply ‘Quantum Immortality’".

For the record I do...(read more)