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COVID-19 transmission: Are we overemphasizing touching rather than breathing?
Answer by TimKMar 25, 20204

Where I live (USA, Kentucky), we've been under something much like "shelter in place" without the scary name and been engaged in social distancing, event cancellation, bars and restaurants closed, non-life sustaining businesses closed, strongly encouraged work from home, etc., etc. for over a week now. Masks & googles are being strongly encouraged in Kentucky to be crafted, sourced and donated for front-line healthcare and emergency workers plus at-risk populations. We're hearing massive messaging about the grave risks of being indoors in a public, poorly-ventilated space. Critical retailers like groceries and pharmacies are closing to sanitize then offering their first hour of being re-opened to at-risk populations, mostly the elderly, to reduce airborne transmission.

Are we in the same USA?