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I hope the front page would be utilize some graphics. See this image for AGI risks:

If there would be similar graphics which you can press on, that would be great.

Actually the number in Wikipedia is even larger than that: $20,000,000,000,000 .

This amount seems so large that I would expect metal prices to decrease substantially, but even if they would do so, the potential value is huge when someone finds a commer...(read more)

**Documentation root**

This picture is absolutely great!

One more BIG addition to it and it will be what I have been dreaming of: Documentation root. To do: To create a link from each box to a document in lesserwrong that describes it with more detail. I suggest adding a new icon for this purpose,...(read more)

**Multilevel Safe AGI**

I didn't quite understand this one. I am not sure if I understood this correctly.

Suggested updates if I did understand it:

1) There is one Nanny (although it may have multiple copies of itself, but basically one evolution path only) 2) AGIs must give Nanny access...(read more)