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That includes Grusch (who's been photographed hanging out with Lue Elizondo et al) and Schumer (Schumer dedicated this legislation to the late Harry Reid, who had directed public funds to Skinwalker Ranch.)


I am all for investigating the narrative you put forth as it is relevant to issue and fair to bring up. To that end, could you provide evidence to back up your claims about Grusch specifically, as there's no mention of him the NY Post article.

What we do have is this tweet exactly from the author Steven Greenstreet of said NY Post article, which indeed shows Grusch and SRW people. It's from 2022. We also have Elizondo acknowledging working with Grusch.

Now, I find it fully consistent, and even understandable, that an individual, who has come to believe in UFOs and is shunned by military, for that exact reason, would seek out UFO enthusiasts. Who else could he discuss this massive (to him) revelation with?

Note that Grusch' first filing, to DoDIG, takes place in 2021, so the SCU 2022 photo does not imply his story is tainted that way. Moreover, Greenstreet's career is debunking (including UAPs), so he's obviously not an objective journalist in this matter.

Great analysis. I think your rationale will stand the test of time, but it's curious how silent major news outlets have been.

To ignore what's happening is to assume top politicians (on both sides of the aisle) in Congress are idiots. Which is idiotic.