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Interesting; I can think of three things to add; the first one, is that just as I was starting to read I was starting to think of commenting about Korzybski, mainly for a peculiar reason, I'm very interested in Scientology and LRH supposedly in the first editions of his books said he took a lot of his theories from General Semantics; I know that religious movement is peculiar but the way they structure some stuff about reality is interesting (i.e. they have 'ideas' about how we perceive things). Then I saw you mentioned it. Take a look at the 'TR's' (; I'm not an expert, but see how they 'train' by words. Hope you can get my idea.

Second, I haven't read it, but it's definitely on my TBR; the works of the philosopher Jesse Prinz, maybe "Gut Reactions"; he follows a line of thought where our feeling and reactions come from a very basic part of ourselves; I actually think your ideas fit well into the animal comment someone wrote; it's a basic perception that comes from basic instincts, basically, emotions. I have one paper, but sadly is in Spanish; I can post it if you want to check the references or key ideas.

Finally, I think it all correlates with this: