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And I thought this blog was about artificial intelligence!


I think it is time to channel the editor's/author's energy into a book!

It would be a book about AI. The main theme might be What AI Is and Is Not", since much of OB is concerned with avoiding missteps to AGI but, in the main we know that OB's primary concern is getting to AGI.

EY is so prolific that I cannot imagine lack of content being a problem. Most book editors would be thrilled to have such an author. It's much easier to pare down a chapter than to motivate the writer to expand on a topic.


What happened to the **geddis comment (it was the first comment posted and has apprently been dropped)? It claimed all reasoning is analogy and also claimed Bayesian inference is analogy at work.

While phrased somewhat irritatingly, I thought the post was a worthwhile generator of ideas.