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Zombies: The Movie

Greg Egan (who, you may remember, started out in supernatural horror before he switched to hard science fiction) has now written (and published) a p-zombie horror story:

Chapter 122: Something to Protect: Hermione Granger

Eliezer never wrote an epilogue, and probably isn't going to, since Alexander Wales already wrote a better one.

Chapter 88: Time Pressure, Pt 1

Every ‘Tick.’ is a moment where Harry wastes time by acting suboptimally (given what he then knows).

Chapter 89: Time Pressure, Pt 2

I see, the comments do sometimes get posted in the wrong place. [My comment on the previous chapter had been here before.]

Chapter 63: TSPE, Aftermaths

The forward links here are messed up, in various ways.

Chapter 49: Prior Information

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Chapter 36: Status Differentials

I remembered the bit about the chest, and I accepted that as showing that Michael's a Muggle, but it's vaguer about Petunia. But I forgot about the potion that had already worked on Petunia; that seems pretty clear. So thanks!

Chapter 37: Interlude: Crossing the Boundary

It says 4 comments to me, so at least yours is now being counted, but I don't know what those mysterious 3 other comments are either. (It still says 4 to me, after adding this. But after reloading the page, it says 5.)

Chapter 36: Status Differentials

Harry seems convinced that his mother Petunia is a Squib, since the potions wouldn't work on his father Michael but are expected to work on her. Has this ever been established? Based on the genetics alone, there's a 1/3 chance that Petunia is a Muggle like Michael appears to be. (In contrast, both Petunia's parents and Hermione's parents are guaranteed Squibs, short of any mistaken parentage.)

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