cure Eliezer's chronic fatigue so he can actually attempt to grant humanity a couple more bits of information-theoretic dignity save the world

Possibly relevant: I know someone who had chronic fatigue syndrome which largely disappeared after she had her first child. I could possibly put her in contact with Eliezer or someone working on the problem.

The entrepreneur contacted me again the next day..."I have been cooking all week."


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(Then I retracted my upvote.)

[Meta] The jump from Distinct Configurations to Collapse Postulates in the Quantum Physics and Many Worlds sequence is a bit much - I don't think the assertiveness of Collapse Postulates is justified without a full explanation of how many worlds explains things.  I'd recommend adding at least On Being Decoherent in between.

I am a first year CS PhD student at Cornell, and interested (though not currently working on it).  I will DM you.

Which random factors caused the frostwing snippers to die out? Them migrating out? Competitors or predators migrating in? Or is there some chance of not getting the seed, even if they're the only species left? I didn't get a good look at the source code, but I thought things were fairly deterministic once only one species was left.

In most formulations, the five people are on the track ahead, not in the trolley.

I took a look at the course you mentioned:

It looks like I got some of the answers wrong.

Where am I? 

In the trolley.  You, personally, are not in immediate danger.

Who am I?

A trolley driver.

Who's in the trolley?

You are.  No one in the trolley is in danger.

Who's on the tracks?

Five workers ahead, one to the right.

Do I work for the trolley company?


The problem was not as poorly specified as you implied it to be.

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