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100 Tips for a Better Life

Don't get me wrong, there are some really useful tips here that illustrate why this list is much better than ones with equivalent 'click-baitey' titles.

But this list shouldn't have been 100 tips long. There are so many times I read a tip and thought either

  1. What does that even mean?
  2. Hm, I just can't convince myself this applies to a clear majority of individuals.

Few examples...

  1. "Bored people are boring" --> nope; there are several other tips in this list that essentially contradict this message. I.e. those of the ilk, "if you're bored, do x" 
  2. "DO NOT TALK TO COPS" --> I think I know what this is getting at but also...not really
  3. "Cooking pollutes the air" ---> what does this even mean? Just enjoy cooking... (this was an eye roll one...)
  4. "remember that ascertaining responsibility will no longer be instantaneous with more than one roommate (“whose dishes are these?”)" ---> a good example of why this list didn't need to be 100 tips long..."no shit, Sherlock" springs to mind
  5. "Should you freak out upon seeing your symptoms on the worst diseases on WebMD? Probably not! Look up the base rates for the disease and then apply Bayes’ Theorem" ---> as a doctor, I'm fully aware "Dr Google" is a problem, but PLEASE, if you have symptoms of "the worst disease", speak to your doctor (by all means apply Bayes' Theorem in the meantime, but this tip should have explicitly dealt with the issue of doing this alone...Yes, if you feel a lump on your testicle, it's much more likely to be benign. But get it checked out.