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<p>"The Foresight Institute has the same problem: People want to donate time instead of money, but it's really, really hard to use volunteers. If you know a solution to this, by all means share."</p>

<p>There's always Amazon's Mechanical Turk ( It's an inefficie...(read more)

<p>"Among all these comments, I see no appreciation of the fact that the version of many worlds we have just been given CANNOT MAKE PREDICTIONS, whereas "collapse theories" DO."</p>

<p>So far as I know, MWI and collapse both make the exact same predictions, although Eliezer has demonstrated that MW...(read more)

To quote E.T. Jaynes:

"This example shows also that the major premise, “If A then B” expresses B only as a logical consequence of A; and not necessarily a causal physical consequence, which could be effective only at a later time. The rain at 10 AM is not the physical cause of the clouds at 9:45 AM...(read more)

<p>"The same people who would never blindly accept a Bush Admin figure will blindly accept an anti-Bush figure."</p>

<p>Notice how you assume, without bothering to Google it, that the million-casualties figure was "anti-Bush". If it came from Clinton for President, or MoveOn, or the Democratic Part...(read more)

<p>"The big puzzle here is the inverse square of the mutation rate. The example of improvement in a starting population with a randomized genome of maximum variance, which can't be used to send a strongly informative message, doesn't explain the maintenance of nearly all information in a genome."</p...(read more)

<p>"Wei Dai, being able to send 10 bits each with a 60% probability of being correct, is not the same as being able to transmit 6 bits of mathematical information. It would be if you knew which 6 bits would be correct, but you don't."</p>


<p>"Given sexuality and chromosome assortment but n...(read more)

<p>"This increases the potential number of semi-meaningful bases (bases such that some mutations have no effect but other mutations have detrimental effect) but cancels out the ability to store any increased information in such bases."</p>

<p>If 27% of all mutations have absolutely no effect, the "...(read more)

<p>"The notion of sacred values seems to lead to irrationality in a lot of cases, some of it gross irrationality like scope neglect over human lives and "Can't Say No" spending."</p>

<p>Could you post a scenario where most people would choose the option which unambiguously causes greater harm, with...(read more)

<p>"An option that dominates in finite cases will always provably be part of the maximal option in finite problems; but in infinite problems, where there is no maximal option, the dominance of the option for the infinite case does not follow from its dominance in all finite cases."</p>

<p>From Pete...(read more)

<p>"For those who would pick SPECKS, would you pay a single penny to avoid the dust specks?"</p>

<p>Yes. Note that, for the obvious next question, I cannot think of an amount of money large enough such that I would rather keep it than use it to save a person from torture. Assuming that this is post...(read more)