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Found the community in spring 2020. Found HPMOR when bored and learned there were other people using such witchcraft as "thinking about things in their life instead of just math problems".

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Proclamation of game-theoretic emergence

People seem to like when I do this, so here's a guess at why this post is voted down.


The biggest thing is that it's on the frontpage. I've noticed the tag says this is still done by moderators, but I'm pretty sure you just posted to frontpage and not your personal blog. I don't know how to post to your blog on here.

The other reasons are more important, but only noticeable because of the frontpage.


Mainly, this is incoherent. In the repeated phrase "Rationality epiphenomenon", I don't know what you mean to say with the word "Rationality". The whole idea of emergence and epiphenomena tends to be a magnet for half-thoughts and sloppy thinking, so the word choice probably really ticked some people off.

It's not at all clear what you mean by "Is More Interesting Than", or more specifically, what the word "Interesting" is meant to do here. Your definition isn't obviously tied to interestingness, so it's really confusing.

You open with "Physical reality has no place for rational agents", which is literally a tiny bit crazy (I'll defend this statement). What on earth do you mean by that??


The list format is weird. It's too terse to explain what's going on here. It's also unclear whether this is your note to yourself, a real blog post, some scratch word / "butterfly idea" we're meant to help you build up, or some other thing that I don't even think of when making a list like this.

None of those are value judgments about you, I just saw this at -3 and don't want you to feel silently bullied. This way, you at least know why

What to do when starting a business in an imminent-AGI world?

So, I might be misunderstanding your question, but here's an example of what shminux is saying.

(Note: Something this large isn't necessary for the point to hold, but nuance is the enemy of a clear explanation)

Imagine an AI pops up tomorrow and says "human beings will not get hurt any more". You no longer need to worry about food, shelter, protection from others, and many other things you needed money for. You'd also expect much of old Earth to change radically when governments are unable to use the threats they previously relied on when controlling their slice of the world.

If the AI has already done this, there's nothing specific it needs your business for.

LessWrong Now Has Dark Mode

There's some attention to width in the top right of my screen, letting me select between "normal", "wide", and "fluid". There's also a theme-switcher, but it doesn't let me make my own, as far as I'm aware, which means no choosing a font.

The Last Paperclip

Guess: This is your response to Eliezer's statement that a universe ruled by a paperclipper would be boring.

Edit (from after Yitz's response but is unimportant enough to be okay): I refer to this:

LessWrong Now Has Dark Mode

I'm a user-styles kind of guy (and I mostly use GreaterWrong because of how heavy lesswrong is on my computer for some reason) anyways, but there are a couple more tweaks that might be killer while you guys are in the themes department:

  • Typeface choices (especially some nice serif fonts)
  • Customizable width (the site is really narrow on my screen for some reason, which causes a lot of wasteful eye movement from end-to-start of the line)
LessWrong Now Has Dark Mode

Oh my, this really does quite a bit for my perception of the site's readability. Thanks to everyone who worked on this!


This sounds awful.

I'm not really willing to invest the effort to argue against this concept, but I also feel weird that no one has said "this sounds bad and makes me feel weird", so I'll take the hit and be the schmuck to say it.

Are smart people's personal experiences biased against general intelligence?

Thanks for the explanation how it's different; now I understand what the original post meant.

Are smart people's personal experiences biased against general intelligence?

The standard example I've always seen for the "collider bias" is that we have a bunch of restaurants in our hypothetical city, and it seems like the better their food, the worse their drinks and visa-versa. This is (supposed to be) because places with bad food and drinks go out of business and there is a cap on effort that can be applied to food or drinks.

How would the self-defeating thing play in here? I don't see yet why it shouldn't, but I also don't recognize a way for it to happen, either. Could you walk me through it?

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