Alex Vermillion

I found the community in spring 2020 through HPMOR which I found while bored and reading stories online. When I learned that there were other people using such witchcraft as "not only using reasoning on math exercises, but also issues in the real world", I was sold.

Crockers Rules and Metahonesty are in effect (on me) at all times.

You can always message me and I will not be upset. No anxiety needed around "bugging" me.

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Yes, that's what I did the first time, haha

<1 minute edit: (The comment by Vaniver does not show as spoiled on my screen)

I didn't agree-vote but I want to bet on

Rot13 because I can't get spoilers to work: Crbcyr nterrvat jvgu gur cbyvpl nf n tbbq bar, juvpu vf frcnengr sebz gur abezny hcibgr bs "Lrnu V yvxrq guvf"

[edit: These instructions on inserting spoiler tags do not work]

Could you help out by firmly explaining what you see as the difference from "morbid curiosity"? Maybe exploring the failings of the closest neighboring term would give a good motivation for the new jargon!

Depending on how cold your hands are, you should NOT use hot water. I was always taught that this is really bad for your body to go from freezing to hot.

Edit: To be clear, this is emphatic agreement, not disagreement

So are we looking for "Simple"/"Complex" maybe?

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I think this is no longer correct, looking at the link I believe displays the code:

I don't think anyone is likely to care, but it is my understanding that a new reader will see the sidecomment when they read the post and so this clears up that possible confusion.

Oh, wow, I didn't know where the shortform button was before. I'll toss some interesting stuff in here soon (but I'm making the shortform first to make sure my posts don't get eaten).

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