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A few thought on the inner ring

Which is essential and which accidental , the competence or the group ?

A GoSC is a means to an end , the craftsmanship is the end.

When judging an outsider , an Inner Ring care more about group members then competency.

100 Tips for a Better Life

Where is the tip when #57 and #58 are not avoidable and are #34 ?

Many of those tips remind me of the famous tip "It's better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick"

Its technically true but miss the point.

My experience with the "rationalist uncanny valley"

Rationalism is like climbing stairs , its easier to say then to do , one look up to know the direction no to despair at one's position ,one feel humble that everyone is on a stair some were/when . pride at being higher then other and advancing , and know when to take breaks so one doesn't fall down.

climbing stairs is dangerous , so running up depend on one's condition.

naivete is looking from a certain stair , its justified on its own or looking down on lower stairs , but not when thinking one is at the top.