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Inherent evil is rooted in 2 sources.

1 Palatability is main source of inherent evil.

A fish inside water breath outside suffocating , a man the opposite.

Favorite food vs hated. Nutritional vs poisonous or allergic.

2 competition.

The enemy is enemy because what they do.

That is why inherent evil is a matter of perspective.

The sadist perspective is that the victim's suffering is a good thing. If you like peanuts everyone (those who hate or allergic) ought to eat them. Jocker of mean jokes don't see them as mean just the sharp point of the funny. Cats see the reaction of the pray as what they are doing right when practicing hunting. Falling from what someone judge as incompetent is funny , both as a show of dominance and not having in mind the suffering.

Homogeneity and competing for the same side , can take care of inherent evil.

The problem is guessing what future rich beings value , that we have.

Who knows if Provenance of artifacts (art or otherwise) matters to non Westerners of the future ?

A non physical value have to be both non generatable and worth to curious alien super intelligent beings.

Antiquities have information that can't be guessed and generated , and inform about the first natural intelligence being past.

Human minds before preservation is possible is an antique , an information ; even more then text or paintings.

There are different uses of the word rationality in different contexts , finding which is which is several uses of them.

Even in Plato, Kant, Bertrand Russell , Chomsky and Dennett , there are probebly several uses (some overlape with those of the others and with LW and David Chapman uses).

Social acceptability , that is what all interaction are made off.


At the beggining of the pamdemic I wore a mask for non pandemic reason and a person made a joke to me laughing "Is that for the corona virus ?" , months everyone wore them for pandemic reason , and no one made a joke about it (and probebly didn't rembmer their previous attitude).

They use the term Western but talk about people from the US.

Which is essential and which accidental , the competence or the group ?

A GoSC is a means to an end , the craftsmanship is the end.

When judging an outsider , an Inner Ring care more about group members then competency.

Where is the tip when #57 and #58 are not avoidable and are #34 ?

Many of those tips remind me of the famous tip "It's better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick"

Its technically true but miss the point.

Rationalism is like climbing stairs , its easier to say then to do , one look up to know the direction no to despair at one's position ,one feel humble that everyone is on a stair some were/when . pride at being higher then other and advancing , and know when to take breaks so one doesn't fall down.

climbing stairs is dangerous , so running up depend on one's condition.

naivete is looking from a certain stair , its justified on its own or looking down on lower stairs , but not when thinking one is at the top.