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Hmm, I missed the 2pm Sunday meetup here in Houston. It was a topic that both my Sweetie and I find interesting. Yet, I didn't make it. I even used the same excuse I used for not going to church. The actual fact is that I was inches from a nap from a very pleasant Saturday night. In fact, I don't even go out to play music during the day on Sunday unless paid. I do go to events during the week if there will be food and drink. Open mics, museum nights and a few openings attest to my actual attendance. What do LS'ers think of Church Hours vs Show Hours even if we end up at the Unitarians?

hehehe, I had no more posted my sadness at there being no Houston meet up than I figure out there is a side bar and there you are. I will look fwd to it.

woe is me, stuck in Houston with no meet up. the durth of actual conversation is like a dry wind blowing out of a Rick Perry Prayer Meeting. I know I'm not the only Free Thinker/ Rationalist/ Scientist in Houston. It just feels that way when I read the news. I have a couple of suggestions if anyone wants to do some intelligent drinking.

Not so, I can get very inventive trying to counter what I perceive as wrong or offensive. Disproving sources to offering countering and contradictory postulations; all are better when flung back. One of my great joys is when my snotty, off-hand comment makes someone go after real data to prove me wrong. If this is applied to some theoretical position, who knows where it could lead you. I'm pretty sure there is at least one Edison joke about this.

absolutlly, I like to shop the $1 bin at the used shop. all kinds of nice stuff too big for a hipster. I keep fresh by cycling my cheap stuff to the DAV for the "gifting thrill"

I suffer from depression (but the ADHD is a lot of fun) and many of the things listed have helped me. I would also suggest the use of comedy. I intend to show yer list to my new therapist. I think it will be handy in planning my treatment goals. Thanks, and nice foot notes.

Tom the Folksinger. My basic theory is "Everything is true in context". I'm still sorting context.

Tom the Folksinger at your service. Come by MySpace/tomloud for a stupid song or two. My continuing thesis is an investigation of the effects of organized sound on higher organisms. I am a voter registrar and I can show you the latest in Industrial Hemp products. Did you know Hemp herds can be mixed with a little lime and water and it will vitrify and make its own cement? I can give people knowledge but I just can't get them to think with out lighting literal fires under 'em. And Y'all know what that is like...