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My review of Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals.  

I think there's productivity or life-hack kind of content on LessWrong, and I think this book is a good addition to that type of thinking, and it might be a useful counter-point to existing lenses or approaches. 

Link to my notes/summary of "The Dictator's Handbook".  

Probably of interest to people here thinking about the dynamics that govern political behavior in nation states, companies, etc.

There's also a deep dive LessWrong post on the topic:

I haven't read through the whole post, but just finished The Dictator's Handbook and was looking for related reading.  This post seems very comprehensive.  

I'm linking to my notes/comments on the book.  It's a short summary of that book, which is basically a short summary of this post.  

If you read this above post, I don't think you would get any additional info from my book notes.

Thanks--a useful and thoughtful reply.

The Moral Animal by Robert Wright

Good introduction to the general idea of evolutionary psychology (human psychology has been influenced/shaped by natural selection, like the rest of the body).  

Then discusses some particular psychological traits (jealousy, love, altruism, reciprocity, etc) through this lens. 

Not really the hard science desired in the original post, but hope someone finds the recommendation useful.  

Review/notes here:

Did you read Superforcasting by him?  Thought it looked interesting, wanted to see which is better from someone who read both.

To increase, focus/energy, try fasting.  Skip breakfast, lunch, or both of them.  At dinner, experiment with which foods put you into a food coma. 

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