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A few years ago I switched to eating yogurt at breakfast. I mix whole milk plain and vanilla yogurt with whole milk Greek yogurt. The vanilla is for taste but it has some added sugars. The other two have no added sugars so I haven’t had problems with blood sugar spikes. They have plenty of protein and fats and keep me satiated well until lunch. Another benefit - I lost about 30 pounds over 6 months and I’ve maintained this weight.

I remember in high school taking the ASVAB test (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) which is aimed at finding a good match between your abilities and a potential role in the military.  However it was good at testing a wide variety of aptitudes, from physical to intellectual.

Also when I applied for a residency position in orthopedic surgery, one program gave all its applicants a test of visual-spatial ability.  One activity I remember on it was, given a folded out piece of paper with fold lines, identify the structure it would fold up into.  Perhaps good visual-spatial ability is important when performing surgery.  I'd expect this skill is also required in a few other types of occupations: architecture, flying, carpentry, etc.

Or you could pretend you're an NFL candidate and take the Wonderlic test.

There is a wide variety of skills you could explore: people skills, animal handling skills, gardening, construction, repair, spatial skills, vehicle or tool handling, and many subtypes of intellectual skills.

How about a novel nootropic drug?  Or advancements in neurolink technology to enhance brain-computer interfaces?  Plus other biological and medical advancements that one could conceive of.  Weight bearing suits that ease repetitive stress and increase lifting capacity.  Personal climate controlled suits that make you comfortable anywhere.