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After my fair share of drinks during university, I rarely drink in the last 7 years – approx. since I joined the Rationalist communities –, even when others in my group are drinking hard.

Bit of a counterpoint to the post. Usually, I can trust a person more once we've gone drinking together; but interestingly, I can Rationalists relatively quickly without any drinks. (As a person, not necessarily as a friend.) Maybe this is because of the much stronger internal consistency of the community members, and that their statements can very often be taken at face value? There are still people in the community whom my intuition does not fully trust (not for tangible reasons), and I believe our relationship would benefit from drinking enough that both of us feel the lack of self-inhibition in the other person, effectively acting as a Veritaserum. (I don't insist on alcohol; open to suggestions for other drugs.) Unfortunately, I haven't had more than a couple beers with any LW community member, that would probably be an interesting experience.

However, some of the best gatherings I've had were with sober people (almost always in the LW community), and these were great partly because everyone was sober. If for nothing else, I applaud your experiment and the mindset you and your friends described.

Great post, I especially liked the "triggers to pick up the habit again" section.

The linked website for military assistance ( is dubious. Donations in fiat currencies are better done at the addresses listed on the official website:

Couple telltale signs:

A regular female name, short for Vivien. For a real example, see Vi Hart:

Meditation is quite different as in it's more of a state of mind as opposed to an altered mentality. With psychedelics there is a clear distinction between when you are tripping and when you aren't tripping.

However, according to some, even meditation done properly can have negative effects, which would be similar to psychedelics but manifesting slower and through your own effort. Quoted from the book review:

Once you have meditated enough to reach the A&P Event, you’re stuck in the (very unpleasant) Dark Night Of The Soul until you can meditate your way out of it, which could take months or years.

Thanks to everyone who came!

Scott's meetup organizer @mingyuan asked participants to fill out this survey:

Thanks to @mingyuan for the assistance and the financial support. Self-ordered take-out food was reimbursed up to 10 EUR / person.

We are at

Northeast from Johann Strauss, under the trees. NOT the other big group closer to the statue.

Looking for help to bring edible stuff to Stadtpark.

Requirements: ability to carry ~15 kg for 900 meters (backpack provided), optionally stopping at every corner.

EDIT: thanks to Axel and Attila, now the problem is solved! We won't die of thirst.

Hello everyone! I'm the new organizer.

As Scott said, please feel free to come even if you feel awkward about it, even if you’re not “the typical ACX reader”, if you haven't read a post in a while, even if you’re worried people won’t like you, etc, etc, etc.

COVID requirements: You are required to be verifiably vaccinated or recovered or PCR-tested after 30 September 5pm. I will check this and then you can lose LW karma. Officials could check this, and then I will lose real-life karma. (Antigen tests are not sufficient as per the new regulations.)

This will be a stationary meetup in Stadtpark on the grass, so bring a blanket to sit on if you can.


  • Refreshments will be provided.
  • If you're a baking or cooking master, your goodies will be much appreciated.
  • We'll order take-outs around 2pm.

You can register for future meetups at this sign-up sheet. Or you can join other ACX readers in Vienna on Discord here:

If you are strongly against appearing on my photos, please say that to me upon arrival.

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