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What I do not understand is why Apple and Google haven’t taken care of this for us.


Palmer Luckey has this talking point about how China has all the big tech companies (Apple in particular) by the balls. That + Google maybe not wanting to seem monopolistic by banning their competition seems to be a sufficient explanation.

Is "behavior vector space" referencing something? If not, what do you mean by it?

Unrelated to the post's content itself: will LW get in trouble for hosting this excerpt?

Wait, what? Do you mean colloquial hieratic (just literally priestly) or his hieratic:

hieratic, adj. Of computer documentation, impenetrable because the author never sees outside his own intimate knowledge of the subject and is therefore unable to identify or meet the expository needs of newcomers. It might as well be written in hieroglyphics.

Cuz the latter seems extremely close to sazeny, if maybe additionally connoting blame on the author.

I'm in the middle of writing a nonfiction book whose central conceit is something like "an abridged dictionary of Kadhamic." Not literally the actual canonical Alexandrian Kadhamic, but the idea is to present some hundred-or-so concepts that are long and complicated and difficult to convey in English, but which are not fundamentally more complicated than things we sum up with a single word like "basketball" or "gaslighting" or "cringe."


Very interested for when this comes out :O

FYI, eigenkarma's been proposed for LessWrong multiple times (with issues supposedly found); see for example.

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