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LW 2.0 Open Beta Live

Reading experience is rather abyssimal. Having just text-on-borderless-white is bad, the font could use some work, any structures for the eye to catch on etc.

Open thread, Sep. 12 - Sep. 18, 2016

Also many of the more interesting eg fun things to do require quite a bit of money. Most forms of travelling, medical interventions, most hobbies like climbing/hiking/boardgames etc. etcetc.

Open Thread May 23 - May 29, 2016

Found it already. chinese instead of marys room yielded

If each page of the rule book corresponded to one neuron of a native speaker’s brain, then probably we’d be talking about a “rule book” at leas the size of the Earth, its pages searchable by a swarm of robots traveling at close to the speed of light. When you put it that way, maybe it’s not so hard to imagine this enormous Chinese-speaking entity that we’ve brought into being might have something we’d be prepared to call understanding or insight.

Open Thread May 23 - May 29, 2016

Huh. Indeed and of course I obviously mean chinese room. Might be enough help, thanks!

Open Thread May 23 - May 29, 2016

I am not sure if I read it here or on SSC, but someone tried to estimate how a "mary's room" equivalent for the human brain would look like. A moon sized library on which robotic crawlers run around at decent fractions of c ...

Anybody having info on that?

Stupid Questions, December 2015

Unfortunately I have to retract my above statement, I checked .

Q:Does it speed up the development timeline at all? A:Aubrey de Grey, SENS[S]: A lot, yes.

No concrete timeframe, but he also gives estimates:

Seems as if he gives a 50yo has about 50% chance to be around when SENS comes.

Stupid Questions, December 2015

Bit late but Aubrey de Grey in his latest reddit AMA estimates that Crispr/CAS9 cuts off about 20 (!) years of the SENS/immortality timeline.

Why effective altruists should do Charity Science’s Christmas fundraiser

1) Yours is not the first account of being offended I have heard. Unfortunately it makes sense. Everyone thinks of themselves as "being a nice person", even if the only money they give to charity is a dollar a week to the homeless.

Pursuing the much loftier goal of eg. giving 10% attacks this fundamental identity basis; and since there is no argumentative recourse, they can only react on the emotional level. Its an immune response.

Is it sensible for an ambitious nonsmoker to use e-cigarettes?

I also have a terrible nailbiting problem whose advanced progression comes to a point that it needs a solution. Good to know about the e-cig helping.

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