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Reading experience is rather abyssimal. Having just text-on-borderless-white is bad, the font could use some work, any structures for the eye to catch on etc.

Also many of the more interesting eg fun things to do require quite a bit of money. Most forms of travelling, medical interventions, most hobbies like climbing/hiking/boardgames etc. etcetc.

Found it already. chinese instead of marys room yielded

If each page of the rule book corresponded to one neuron of a native speaker’s brain, then probably we’d be talking about a “rule book” at leas the size of the Earth, its pages searchable by a swarm of robots traveling at close to the speed of light. When you put it that way, maybe it’s not so hard to imagine this enormous Chinese-speaking entity that we’ve brought into being might have something we’d be prepared to call understanding or insight.

Huh. Indeed and of course I obviously mean chinese room. Might be enough help, thanks!

I am not sure if I read it here or on SSC, but someone tried to estimate how a "mary's room" equivalent for the human brain would look like. A moon sized library on which robotic crawlers run around at decent fractions of c ...

Anybody having info on that?

Unfortunately I have to retract my above statement, I checked .

Q:Does it speed up the development timeline at all? A:Aubrey de Grey, SENS[S]: A lot, yes.

No concrete timeframe, but he also gives estimates:

Seems as if he gives a 50yo has about 50% chance to be around when SENS comes.

Bit late but Aubrey de Grey in his latest reddit AMA estimates that Crispr/CAS9 cuts off about 20 (!) years of the SENS/immortality timeline.

1) Yours is not the first account of being offended I have heard. Unfortunately it makes sense. Everyone thinks of themselves as "being a nice person", even if the only money they give to charity is a dollar a week to the homeless.

Pursuing the much loftier goal of eg. giving 10% attacks this fundamental identity basis; and since there is no argumentative recourse, they can only react on the emotional level. Its an immune response.

I also have a terrible nailbiting problem whose advanced progression comes to a point that it needs a solution. Good to know about the e-cig helping.

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